What’s the problem?

We have known for a long time that leaders are most commonly promoted on their technical skills and often receive little if any development or support in leading teams effectively. 

As the marketplace and the work environment have and will continue to change, we need a more considered approach to leadership development and execution of strategy. We must be prepared and ready to transform. Disruption from any direction means teams must be be agile, innovative and inclusive if organisations are to be sustainable.

Besides attracting leading talent, organisations need to ensure they retain that which they have built, and they need to ensure their continued engagement. We need to acknowledge that leaders in our organisations are needed at every level.

"In any organisation, around 75% of employees report to a Frontline Manager. While many of these managers are not equipped to lead".

We examined the problem?

We have all witnessed the achievements of great leaders, recognising however, what they achieved wasn't a solo effort. There was likely a team behind them that were both engaged and enabled to make these achievements.

Effective leaders can certainly be left to emerge from the normal structure of management, or their development and influence on a team’s performance can be fast tracked. The term “born leader” dismisses much of the groundwork - "great leaders" have been coached, mentored and their skills well-practiced.

How do we propel middle and frontline levels of management to become these "great leaders" where they will have the farthest reaching influence within the organisation? And how do we ensure this model of development is accessible, affordable and ultimately effective?

We took a model of coaching known for producing fast-paced results, one normally reserved for the executive level - we systematised, made scalable the process and tailored it to be deliverable through readily available platforms.

"Individualised coaching, scalable to organisation wide frontline and middle level managers".

And came up with coachlive!

The result is an effective, accessible and affordable coaching program, a program that is scalable yet remains individualised.

Coachlive is powered by Executive Central, a market leader in coaching based solutions throughout Asia Pacific. The team of Executive Central coaches have over a decade of experience working with top senior executives and have pioneered this fast-paced coaching approach. Coachlive now delivers this same process to all levels of leadership through a virtual platform.

Human resources and the learning and development industry both understand coaching works. Coaching proves to be the most effective way to engage, enable and develop leadership skills! Coaching is addressed and delivered in context with the individual's role and in greater context of the organisation so any skill transfer is immediate and ultimately "relevant". And now we can offer it to emergent leaders all levels of the organisation!

"Coachlive is the most effective solution to fast track your leadership pipeline".

Coachlive delivers:

• Individualised development based on real time challenges
• A safe place to examine challenges and capability gaps
• A sounding board to try new things and take risks
• New learning around frameworks, tools and techniques
• Confidence to lead, manage teams and drive performance
• Increase engagement and retention by providing clarity and certainty
• Alternative ways to respond to difficult situations

Why is it important now?

Looking at Future of Work trends we know that they way in which the organisation is designed and operates will change and evolve considerably. The new generation of potential leader has dropped the old model of working through the ranks, they have become transient - seeking challenge, responsibility and development. They seek to be valued and are looking to meet opportunities that match with their values.

With current communications and technologies, like minded opportunists are discarding borders to work collaboratively on the next disruptor. With lots of drive, little overhead and a pool of capable talent reaching out, even small startups have proven to achieve great things and threaten industries which have been sitting on their laurels.

"Disruption comes fast and without warning, it is those that are nimble and able to react fast who survive"!

Leadership and learning interventions are forced to adopt a fresh approach to ensure organisations are agile, fit and motivated to meet with change and challenge. We've taken charge to create a result driven, cost effective and customisable program that ensures you meet these demands.

The next step to ready your organisation to meet these demands, is to give us a yell so we can partner in delivery!